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Why is Social Enterprise #MoreThanAJob?

Social Enterprise is Changing Lives 

Social enterprises are businesses run by non-profit organizations that employ people overcoming barriers to employment. Social enterprises sell quality goods and services, and reinvest the money they make back, into their businesses so they can employ and support more people.  

Employees of social enterprises are overcoming serious challenges and are ready and willing to contribute, they just need that first step back into the workforce, and the support, to help them succeed.

By providing support services, job training, and paid employment, social enterprise employees build skills and confidence, while developing a work history. When they are ready, social enterprises help them find and keep competitive jobs.

A job is so much more than a paycheck. Social enterprise helps people transform their lives and experience the pride and dignity that working provides. 

We all benefit when more people are included in the workforce.  For every $1 invested in a social enterprise, society receives a 123% return on investment.


"For most of us, Labor Day is about picnics and sales. But for too many people it is a reminder of their exclusion from the workforce. This Labor Day, let’s help make work a reality for all who are willing and able to contribute by hiring and supporting people to gain the dignity that comes with earning a paycheck.
                                        -REDF President Carla Javits

REDF believes in opportunity, redemption, and self-determination.

That's why it is our goal to create 50,000 job opportunities in America by 2020.  Join us the week of Labor Day by sharing one of our inspiring stories with your network September 1st - 6th with #MoreThanAJob.